A clutch with a wrist cuff is great for networking events! It allows you to keep your purse with you, have cash, business cards, your phone and gum with you all night without getting in the way. The trick is to keep it on your left wrist so you can hold your food/drink with that hand and extend your right hand for introductions. Holiday networking parties and recruitment events are a great time to get your face in front of people who can be potential clients or an employer.
While in Rome EVERYONE was wearing tights which means…. fashionably designed tights are coming our way
** Hint for the shy networker: stay near the food – people are constantly going to that area and its easier to start a conversation about the food!

Outfit Details:

Suede Mauve Jacket: Forever 21
Wristlet Clutch: Aldo
Booties : Aldo
Bodycon Dress: Forever 21
Choker chain necklace : Charlotte Russe