Ya’ll Know I love a nice trench coat and this camo trench is EVERYTHING! This coat can be paired with a white, black or tan bodycon dress for a flirty look or jeans and boots for a more casual look. This coat goes from day to night very easily and would look great on any skin tone.


On the rack you would totally overlook this beauty but is was so cute and comfortable to wear. We stepped out the box and paired this brown dress with pink accessories and it melted together so beautifully. Sometimes with fashion you just have to be daring and try something that doesn’t always seem like the obvious choice because I was originally going to go with gold. What do you think – did the pink work?


Here we have a grey jumpsuit that is light enough to wear in the summer and still have the ability to layer underneath for the winter. The material is so soft. We decided to try a couple colors and they both turned out well! When you are wearing off the should items it is good to style your hair to sweep away from your neck or sit right at your neck line. If you sweep your hair up make sure you have on a statement necklace or earings that are eye catching! Let’s talk about this fanny pack – I said I would never wear one BUT I would totally make an exceeption with this one because they fit the outfit and matched my shoes perfectly! The good thing about grey is that you can pair it with so many colors and not go wrong.